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Work and family are two core pillars that define and sustain modern life. Work and family are central to how individuals define themselves, providing sources of purpose, joy, and accomplishment. At the same time, both domains demand substantial time and effort. Recent innovations in technology, globalization, and shifting gender and household norms have altered work and family responsibilities, such that work and family lives have become increasingly intertwined and complex. Consequently, the constant juggling of work and family responsibilities is a reality that many individuals face on a day-to-day basis.

The overarching goal of research in the Work Family Health Lab is to understand and improve the health and wellbeing of workers and their family members. Research in our focuses on understanding how workers (successfully) manage their work and family responsibilities, as well as how social and psychological work experiences ultimately affect worker and family health. Our work focuses on multiple facets of health, including social, emotional, behavioral, physiological health. Our lab uses primarily person-centric, field-based designs in combination with objective wearable technology to map out complex, dynamic patterns between work, family, and health experiences during workers' every day lives.

Studies illuminate questions such as:

  • When do conflicts between work and family occur?
  • How does the work-family experience change across cultures?
  • How do negotiated home roles impact career success?
  • What strategies do people use to successfully navigate conflicts that arise between work and family responsibilities?


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